RailEasy™ Cable Railing

RailEasy™ Cable Railing combines with most wood, composite or vinyl rail frames to provide unobstructed views.


Straight Sections
Cable Railing DIY offers standard rail heights of 36″ or 42″ for straight sections.

Stair Sections
Rail height for stair sections is available in 36″ only.

Note: Railing heights are offered in these dimensions due to nationwide building codes. However, Cable Railing DIY can supply custom heights/lengths upon request.

Between Posts Length
Cable Railing DIY recommends staying within 4′ section lengths to maintain structural integrity. If section lengths exceed 4′, Cable Railing DIY offers a Cable Stabilizer Kit to minimize cable deflection.

Cable Spacing
The cable is spaced on posts at 3″ on-center to comply with nationwide building codes.